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This is a draft only


The Locator-U1 is a battery powered, digital hydro acoustic locator device including a depth sensor. The Locator has 3 mounting holes on each side for M3 screws. A default bracket is included. The internal battery is rechargeable using a USB-C charger (included). Fully charged, the U1 will be operational for approximately 6 hours. Before deployment in water, the Locator-U1 needs to achieve a GPS lock. The integrated status-LED shows the condition of the GPS lock.


  • Battery powered operation removes all cable requirements enabling easy operation.

  • Extremely small size making it perfect for on-body applications like diving.

  • Highly robust operation in areas with reflections (shallow water, around installations etc.)

Wiring interface

Because the U1 is battery powered the only interface for it is the charing port which is a standard USB-C type connector.