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Modem-M64 serial protocol [DRAFT5]

This document describes the Water Linked Underwater Modem Link Layer protocol.


  • Modem - Unit for transmitting/receiving data
  • Packet - Unit of data transmitted together


This document describes protocol version 1.0 (major.minor)

The protocol versioning follows semantic versioning in that:

  • MAJOR version increments represents incompatible API changes,
  • MINOR version increments represents added functionality in a backwards-compatible manner


The serial communication format is 112500 8-N-1 (no hardware flow control).

Packets sent to and received from the modem starts with 'W' and end with CR+LF. The commands can be sent as a string or entered one char at a time from a terminal. If the delay between bytes is more than ~3 seconds the packet will time out and a malformed request (W?) will be returned.

The protocol can support Water Linked modems with different payload sizes and other features. To support any Water Linked modem the connection procedure is to:

  • Get protocol version. Verify that the major version number is 1.
  • Get payload size. Use this size when sending packets to the modem.

For Water Linked Modem-M64 the payload size is 8 bytes.

In order for two modems to communicate they must be configured to use different roles (A/B).


Command Description Response Description
Wv Get protocol version WV1.0 Protocol version (major.minor)
Wq Get payload size WQnnn Where nnn is payload size: eg: WQ008
Wa Get modem settings WCrc Where r=role A/B and c=channel 0-7 eg: WCA0
Wcxy Set modem settings - Where x=role A/B and y=channel 0-7: eg: WcB7 WCxy Confirmed current settings eg: WCB7
Wsnnnd...d Send packet - Where nnn is number of bytes and d...d is payload eg: Ws008HelloSea WAs / WNs ACK/NAK
Wf Flush tx buf WAf / WNf ACK/NAK
Wl Get tx buf len WLnnnnn eg: WL107 Current packets in buffer.
Wd Status / diagnostic WD(link_status up/down),(packet_count),(packet_loss_count),(bit_error_rate in percent) WDU,1234,17,3.5
Response when command cannot be understood W? Malformed request
Got a packet WPnnnd...d Got packet where nnn is number of bytes and d...d is payload eg: WP008HelloSea


Here is an example of setting up two modems and sending packets between them.

On top side modem (using role A):

Command Response Description
Wv WV1.0 Get protocol version
Wq WQ008 Get payload size
WcA1 WCA1 Set role A and channel 1
Wf WAf Flush transmit buffer (optional)
Ws008HelloSea WAs Send packet
Wait for response
WP008HelloTop Got response

On AUV/ROV modem (using role B):

Command Response Description
Wv WV1.0 Get protocol version
Wq WQ008 Get payload size
WcB1 WCB1 Set role B and channel 1
Wait for response
WP008HelloSea Got packet
Ws008HelloTop WAs Send response back