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Software updates

It is recommended to always run the latest DVL software where possible. The latest software can be obtained automatically or manually.


The DVL can overheat if its software is updated whilst it is out of water, which can lead to structural damage and subsequent hardware failure. Placing it in a bucket of water, for example, should ensure sufficient cooling.

Automatic software update

The DVL's GUI automatically checks and indicates if a new software version is available.

  • Connect the DVL over ethernet to a network connected to the internet. If on a personal computer, it may be necessary to make a network bridge between a network interface (such as wifi) which has access to the internet and the ethernet interface through which the DVL is connected.
  • Go to http://[IP_ADDRESS_OF_THE_DVL]:9000 in a web browser.
  • The GUI will automatically check if there is a new version available, and if so, initiate installation of it with a single click.

Offline software update

If it is not possible to connect the DVL to the internet, one can proceed as follows.

  • Find the current version and chip ID of the DVL at Menu -> About in the GUI.
  • Manually download an update package (.wlup) from the update server using the chip ID.
  • Verify if the downloaded version is newer than the currently running version.
  • Navigate to http://[IP_ADDRESS_OF_THE_DVL]:9000 in a web browser.
  • Select 'Manual upload' and then upload the downloaded .wlup file.