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Software update

To get the best performance of your Water Linked product it is recommended to always run the latest software. The update GUI can automatically check if a new software version is available.

Products currently supported for updates:

Product GUI Link
DVL-A50/A125 http://waterlinked-dvl:9000/

Automatic software update

The easiest way of checking if a new version is available is to connect the product to the internet and let the upgrade GUI automatically check for a new version:

  • Connect the Water Linked products ethernet to a network where the internet is available and make sure the products network configuration allows access to the internet.
  • Go to http://[IP_ADDRESS]:9000.
  • The update GUI will automatically check if there is a new version available and allow installation of new update with a single click.

Offline software update

If you are unable to connect your Water Linked product to the internet, offline software update is available. The process is:

  • Find the current version and chipid in the the "about" section of the web gui.
  • Manually download an update package (.wlup) from the update server using the chipid.
  • Verify if the version downloaded is newer than the currently running version.
  • Go to http://[IP_ADDRESS]:9000.
  • Select "manual upload" and then upload the downloaded file.