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The Locator-U1 is a battery powered, digital hydro acoustic locator device. It carries an internal GPS based time sync module, which means no tether is required. This Locator fits well for divers, ROVs where power is not easily accessible, or other underwater applications.

The internal battery is rechargeable using the USB-C cable that follows and standard 5V USB charger. Before deployment in water, the Locator-U1 needs to achieve a GPS lock. The integrated status-LED shows the condition of the GPS lock. Once the Locator-U1 has lock it can operate for approximately 6 hours befor needing resync with GPS.

The Locator-U1 has a rotary switch located on the inside of the cap. This switch is used to change the channel on which the Locator is transmitting. The same channel needs to be selected in the Water Linked Underwater GPS GUI.

The Locator has 3 mounting holes on each side for M3 screws. A default bracket is included.


Insert included USB-C cable into a wall adapter and connect it to the Locator-U1. The Locator LED will normally start pulsating while charging and turn solid green once charging has finished.

Note: If battery is fully discharged the pulsating will not be activated. The Locator will still charge regardless of the LED not showing the charge indication. The Locator will in this cause show searching for GPS lock or GPS lock achieved indication.

Note: Some Locator-U1 units are produced with a fault that causes them to never be able to show the charge indication. The Locator will still charge and operate as normal during use.

Charging time is 7 hours.

Powering on/off

To power on the Locator-U1 simply tighten the lid over the charging port. The the LED will start to blinking indicating that the Locator is searching for GPS lock. The Locator is ready to use when the LED stops blinking and turns solid. Before powering on, ensure the O-ring within the lid is without damage.

To power off the Locator-U1 unscrew the back lid until the LED turns off.

LED Signals

  • No green light: Power is off and the unit is not ready for diving.

  • Flashing green light (once a second): Searching for GPS lock. The unit is not ready to dive.

  • Fixed green light: GPS lock is acheived. The unit is ready to dive.

  • Flashing green light (slow): GPS lock has been acheived but lost. The unit is ready to dive.

  • Pulsating green light : The Locator-U1 is charging. The unit is not ready to dive. See charge description above.

  • Fast flashing green light (multiple times pr second): Error indication. The unit is not ready to dive. Typically this is caused by exceeding dive time and the pressure sensor needing to dry. Charging the Locator is the fastest way to dry the pressure sensor.


The Locator-U1 can only be submerged for about 6 hours. It then needs to dry the pressure sensor in order to give correct depth readings.

Wiring interface

Because the U1 is battery powered the only interface for it is the charing port which is a standard USB-C type connector.

Included in package

  • Locator-U1

  • USB-C charging cable

  • Bracket for mounting