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The Underwater GPS Explorer Kit retired and no longer available for sale.

Underwater GPS Explorer Kit

The Underwater GPS Explorer Kit is a robust and reliable acoustic positioning system with a range of 100m. The purpose of the system is to give a live GPS position of ROVs, divers and other moving objects below the water surface.

The Underwater GPS system is based on Short Baseline (SBL) acoustic positioning. The Locator is placed on the device to be positioned and functions as a beacon that send out an acoustic pulse. Near the surface, there are four Receiver hydrophones lowered into the water. The Receivers listen for the pulse from the locator. Time-of-arrival to each Receiver is used to calculate the Locator’s position. SBL systems, compared to the USBL systems, have the advantage of working well in shallow water and acoustic reflective environments, such as in fish cages, near harbor installations, close to ship hulls, inside water tanks etc.

Once the position is known relative to the Receivers, the global position can be found by adding that to the position obtained by a GPS receiver. The Underwater GPS system does that part internally so that it can provide the actual global position of the ROV as its output.

Kit content

  • 1 x Underwater GPS Housing with Master-D1 electronics
  • 4 x Receiver-D1 with 10m cable
  • 1 x Locator of choice
  • 1 x 3m Ethernet cable
  • 1 x 3m power cable
  • 1 x External GPS antenna


Getting started with Water Linked Underwater GPS


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