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The Underwater GPS G2 system comes with an easy-to-use software HTTP API. Through the API you can, amongst other things:

  • Read acoustic and global position data

  • Read GPS and IMU raw data

  • Read and set POIs

  • Set configuration parameters

See for the details of the API.


Any programming language can be used to interact with the API. We have examples in both Python and Go, which currently cover, for instance:

  • Sending of locator depth when using the Locator A1 (see the script
  • Sending in of satellite GPS data (positioning and/or heading) from an external GPS receiver (see the script or its Go analogue)
  • Export of tracks to a GPX file (see the script
  • Output of the positions calculated by the UGPS G2 system in NMEA format (see the Python script or its Go analogue)