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The Modem M16 is a two-way, half-duplex acoustic modem operating at 10bps that can function dependably in the presence of other modems configured on distinct channels. Boasting an impressively compact size, minimal power consumption, and affordable cost, the Modem M16 is a groundbreaking addition to the field. This innovation paves the way for successful underwater communication in complex environments, particularly where power resources for sensors are scarce. Buy Modem-M16 here!


The Modem M16 is a two-way half-duplex 10bps acoustic modem with a robust and user configurable data link. The modem is delivered in three different versions, OEM, Standard, and Extended (RS485)

Terminal Interface

The Modem-M16 has a 3.3 volt UART interface and a RS485 interface.

Settings Value
Baud rate 9600
Data parity stop 8N1
Flow control None

Wiring interface

The tables below shows the pinning of the Modem-M16 interface. Depending on which type is used, the wires may have different colors.

Interface Colour (OEM) Colour (Standard) Colour (Extended)
VIN Orange (3V - 4V2) Orange (3V - 4V2) Orange (10V - 30V)
GND Orange/White Orange/White Orange/White
UART RX Blue Blue NA
UART TX Blue/White Blue/White NA
Not in use Green Green NA
RS485 RX_p NA NA Blue
RS485 RX_n NA NA Blue/White
RS485 TX_p NA NA Green
RS485 TX_n NA NA Green/White


Information All Modem M-16 Versions
Device length 47 mm (ex cable)
Device weight (air) 40 gram
Device weight (submerged) 14 gram
Depth rating 600 meter
Materials POM (housing),
PEEK (transducer)
Operating temperature -10 to 70 °C
Device diameter 29.5 mm


Information All Modem M-16 Versions
Range 1000 m
Transducer directivity Omnidirectional
Transducer frequency 58.5 kHz
Bits per package 16
Package duration 1.6 seconds